CSA B620-09 Semi Vac Unit

Features | Semivac

CV188BBL CSA B620-14

  • Capacity 30 cubes 6600 Imp gal (imperial gallons)
  • Full opening rear door
  • 6″ heated code compliant suction and discharge valves
  • Two hydraulic vibrators
  • Hydraulic wet kit
  • Rubuschi RB-DV-85 1600 CFM blower
  • 27″ Hg max vacuum
  • 320 ” 6 stage hydraulic dump cylinder
  • 6″ plumbing
  • Aluminum hose tray/ fender assembly + code rear bumper


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Standard Configuration – 30 Cube Semivac Trailer

Custom Vac 188 BBL Semivac Trailer System with the following specifications (Tridem Truck / Tri Axle Trailer Configuration)

Debris Compartment

Tank Capacity:

30 m3 capacity (+3% Outage) 6600 Imp.Gal.


Vessel designed and constructed in full compliance with Transport Canada Specification TC407/412  CSA B620-09

  • Head Material 72″ x 5/16″
  • Shell Material 72″ x ¼”
  • Tank Diameter 72″ OD (36′-0″ Seam to Seam)
  • Operating Temperature -20 deg. F to 200 deg. F
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure 40 PSIG

Primary Shut-Off:

  • 8″ heavy duty internal shut-off with a 10″ stainless steel ball and 12: cage assembly, neoprene rubber seat, and 6″ flanged outlet

Isolation Valve:

  • Single 6″ air operated butterfly valve between primary shut-off and cyclone with independent control switch at operator station


  • 6″ piping with rubber hose connections
  • 6″ composite loop hose c/w vic clamps each end
  • Two cleanout ports on lower suction pipe with two 2″ kunkle relief valves


  • Three removable gull wing style baffles


  • 7 circumferential reinforcement flat bar rings

Sheeps Feet:

  • 3 sets of formed angle welded to base of flat bar rings for extra tank Support

Tank Lock Down:

  • Tank Lock Down Assembly to meet current B620 Code

Overturn Protection:

  • 4″ roll bars top of tank on reinforcement pads and gussetts

Liquid Level Indicators:

  • Two recessed stainless steel rotary float gauges with 6″ stainless steel ball, Teflon packing, and grease fitting located front and rear side of tank D/S

Rear Door:

  • Full open hydraulic door assemble c/w 6 heavy duty wing clamps, neoprene door gasket double acting hydraulic cylinder and counter balance valve. Read door safety post D/S


Blower Specifications:

  • Robuschi RB-DV-85,Tri Lobe PD Blower
  • 1600 CFM Free air Rating ,27″ Hg Maximum Vacuum
  • Oil free operation ( except sealed reservoirs)
  • High torque/High Temperature Drive Coupling wit Flex Insert
  • Exhaust plumbed to passenger side and down along front deck
  • One exhaust silencer and One Intake silencer

Blower Drive:

  • 8 bolt air shift Muncie P.T.O mounted on tractor transmission with direct mount hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic motor bolted to blower.
  • P.T.O. control mounted in counsel inside tractor cab

Filtration System:

  • 6″ cyclone mounted on trailer frame with bottom swing clean-out door, 2″ brass heated drain valve and aluminum camlok fittings.
  • 16″ diameter washable inline S.S. /fiber filter element, 20 micron for protection of blower.


  • One 6″ exhaust silencer
  • One 6″ intake silencer with integral check valve for pressurizing tank.

Blower Plumbing:

  • 6″ diameter with rubber hose connections to eliminate vibration.
  • Blower Valving:
  • 6″ inline check valve assembly to prevent blower back spin while tank pressurized.
  • 6″ Four-Way diverter valve for vacuum/pressure changeover modes c/w hydraulic cylinder control

Suction Valve:

  • One 6″ brass load valve with 6″ sand pipe c/w aluminum camlok D/S.
  • One 4″ brass load valve (straight through) c/w aluminum camlok fitting P/S.

Discharge Valve:

  • One 6″ brass discharge valve with aluminum camlok fittings located on bottom center of rear door.
  • Note: Tractor outfitted with coupling for trailer connection, antifreeze line with valve from engine c/w push pump. Antifreeze line runs to rear of trailer.
  • All Rear valves heated and equipped with Custom Vac Air Actuators and separate control switches.


Hydraulic System:

  • Linde closed loop design system
  • Variable speed joystick for blower speed
  • torque control for vac pressure
  • Multifunction hydraulic control valve bank to operate, rear door and vibrators.
  • Independent control to operate hoist cylinder
  • Hose mast on tractor between trailer using high pressure wing quick couplers and main system relief valve for uncoupling safety.

Hydraulic Dump System:

  • Single post Mailhot hydraulic dump cylinder 30 ton capacity at final stage, 320″ stroke 6 stage single acting (45″ 48 degree dump angle) & rear dump pivot. Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve


  • Two Global hydraulic vibrator assemblies mounted on bottom of tank with reinforcing pads, heavy duty mounting channel, pressure relief valve.
  • Run 3/8″ SS high pressure and 1/2″ SS hard lines.

Hydraulic Reservoir:

  • 140 gallon tank skid mounted on tractor c/w
  • Vent, filters, Temperature and level indicators, fill breather cap
  • And inspection hatches

Hydraulic Cooler:

  • Two 120 volt oil coolers c/w fittings and required electrical


Pressure Relief:

  • Two 3″ x  30 PSIG pressure relief vents
  • Two 2″ Knuckle relief vents in lower plumbing


  • 30/30 tank vacuum/pressure gauges (additional gauge at rear door), hydraulic pressure gauges & blower temperature gauge. All gauges mounted in open area

Front Deck:

  • 1/8″ formed checker plate c/w handrail.

Hose Trays:

  • Preformed Light gauge Aluminum Hose Trays / Fenders on C/S & D/S of unit
  • D/S as long as possible.


  • Four flip style placards
  • One steel fitting box D/S
  • One steel toolbox door c/w two pail holders D/S.
  • Squeegee/shovel holders (pipe style ).


  • D.O.T. lighting with LED two lamp rear module assembly, clearance lamps, reflectors, three in a row clearance markers, junction box,
  • 6 L.E.D. work lights ( large style)
  • Stop and Turn light box modules mounted on rear top of rear door
  • Back up alarm
  • Tank up warning light in truck dash with buzzer
  • Hour meter installed in tractor for blower
  • Two blower switches, One in tractor cab, and one by valve bank


  • Code rear bumper for protection of external valves with platform step assembly
  • Steps on rear skirt D/S & P/S for rear door lock access


Complete Vacuum system and trailer sandblasted, primed and painted as per customer spec or fleet color



Additional Items Included:

  • 6″ sample port located top center of tank with camlok/cap.
  • Diesel flush tank
  • Mud flaps in all locations as necessary
  • 50′ wind up ground cable
  • Two tire chain holders ( slide out style )
  • One operators manual wit unit
  • NSM ( National Safety Mark )
  • One Year Standard Manufactures Ltd Warranty


INTERNAL TANK LINER: add to final price ARMAGUARD: To Be Quoted


OAL Approximately 38′

Suspension: Air ride tridem 60″ spread suspension with air switch and pressure gauge located front of trailer for deflation of air bags prior to raising of tank c/w tractor mounted scale.

Axle: Three Hayes Dana 5″ Diameter, 22500 lb. Rating, CR Oil Seals, Dust Shields, Slack Adjusters.


  • 16.5 x 7 non asbestos S Cam complies with CMVSS 121.
  • Drum/Wheel Assembly:
  • 10 stud hub piloted hubs.

Rims: Aluminum 24.5 x 8.25 Tubeless (inside wheels machine finished & outside wheels polished on outside dished face).

Tires: 12 All season 11R x 24.5 Radials.

Landing Gear: Two Speed, Holland Mark V, 125000 lb. Static load, Crank on drivers side, skid shoes.

Pickup Plate: 3/8″ Upper fifth wheel plate with 2″ (bolt-in) King Pin, 50″ Fifth Wheel Height and dual set back to 26-3/8″ & 59-1/2″ (Tandem/Tri-Drive Tractors).

Frame: 19″ fabricated T1 I-Beam assembly with 1/2″ x 6″ top and bottom flanges, 1/4″ thick web and full depth fabricated 1/4″ 44W cross members every 36″, suspension reinforcement, reinforced taper gooseneck assembly, 40′.


Additional equipment not included in this quotation will be quoted and on customer approval.  Cost will be added to the final price.
Custom Vac Services Ltd reserves the right to engineer and manufacture its products in accordance with its warranty and design policies.

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CSA B620-09 Semi Vac Unit