Quality Assurance

Certified and Registered

Each design has been certified and registered with Transport Canada. This insure that all of the required specification have been achieved and are maintain though out the design and assembly process.

Safety & Quality Control

Safety is our number one concern for our employees and our customers. Stringent safety guidelines are observed and quality control inspections are undertake for each of our manufactured vacuum system configuration.

BOC Edwards

Hibon trained personnel. Our technicians are trained by the manufactures and maintain a strict level of quality control with each unit produced.

Hydraulic Technology

Our technologists are trained in the design of hydraulics systems and equipment. Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS) on staff. Registration # 12570-R2

Transport Canada Registered Design Engineer (P.Eng)

Certified Transport Canada Design Engineer (P.Eng) pursuant to the requirements of clause 8.1.5 of CSA Standard B620-09, on staff, Registration # 35-0006

Facility Certifications

  • Transport Canada ABSA Registered Facilities
  • CVIP Certified Vehicle Inspection Station
  • Alberta Boiler Safety Association Certificate
  • Member Alberta Motor Vehicle Counsel AMVIC