Made in Alberta, Canada. Built for the world.

  • Debris tank with hydraulic “D” style rear door and fully hoisting tank
  • Equipped with custom wrapped and heated valves
  • 23 Foot light weight Viper boom – 270 degree rotation
  • Non-Restricted 8” and 10” plumbing providing increased airflow
  • Drivers side 30 Inch storage cabinet along with two added storage tool boxes
  • Robuschi RB-DV 125 3500CFM blower
  • 22” Diameter silencers for dampened DB Rating
  • Cat 660 10GPM wash pump and 660,000 BTU Burner
  • Air assisted glycol system to winterize wash system
  • Numerous combined grease banks for easy maintenance
  • Electronic control panel enables remote operation of vacuum and wash systems
  • Hydraulic hose reel
  • Light weight aluminum components (sub-frame, pre-stage, decking, toolboxes, wash cabinet)

    BENEFIT: increased payloads

  • On-board electronic scaling

    BENEFIT: increased awareness of legal payloads

  • Non-restricted 8” and 10” plumbing

    BENEFIT: increased air flow at boom hose

  • Billboard marketing capabilities on driver and passenger side

    BENEFIT: high visibility traveling billboard

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